Create your own #Battles in socialmedia with realtime tweets - Its Free! Setup & Configure your realtime poll/Battle with simple tweets. Forget about web based polls, Amplify your battle with help of your own followers/friends ! A REALTIME SOCIAL MEDIA POLLING TOOL- THAT HELPS YOU REACH MILLIONS!...LET'S USERS VOTE WITH SIMPLE TWEETS & FACEBOOK UPDATES... even without coming to the site!

Feature Clash - #WorldsBestCitytoLive Lets vote for your favorite using a tweet or facebook update

View votes More Nominees... Discuss > WorldsBestCitytoLive
View votes More Nominees... Discuss > WorldsBestCitytoLive

Battle between 2 or more : Create your Battle - of #Hashtags or @UserIds! At #twitterClash, we believe that the secret to accelerating your social media presence is in engaging your followers & their contacts. Our platform endorses this belief, helping poll the followers smarter, with powerful realtime results. Attract your followers & their friends to your site / offerings -with SocialMedia driven battle !

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