How it Works
With #socChoice its easy to collect votes from tweets or facebook updates. The votes are stored in our database. These votes can be displayed on any web page on your website

Votes are gathered from users : Tweets , Posts on Facebook wall OR comments on brands Facebook Post, All in realtime.

- Users tweet from Poll page using this icon or simply write the tweet or Retweet others vote tweet without coming to poll site.

- Users Vote from Poll page using this icon , this will post a vote status update on users facebook wall

- Users Vote with just a comment on facebook , this will use users comment on polls public facebook post. ( for example, comment can be : I endorse #NomineeName) - The public post can be hosted on brands own facebook page - No app request is required.

Our Services

Poll Review
Concept Review of poll.

Designs /setup of poll.

Poll Reports

About Us

A one stop shop for your socialmedia based polls.

Review / Design / Setup / Report.

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